BOT Appliance

virtual appliance for webcrawling, webscraping and automation of webbased processes

What BOT can do for you

crawl the web

BOT can crawl any webpage including higly dynamic ones and sites that ask for login data.

scrape the web

The internet is stuffed with valuable data. BOT get's it for you, updates files, fills database tables.

program the web

A comprehensive programming language allows to automate any web based process.

hide from the web

BOT behaves like a human, works at reasonable hours and is indistinguishable from a normal webbrowser (in fact it is one).


your BOT appliance will be ready for you within a few minutes.

virtual appliance

your own server ready to run as many processes you like.

admin board

do anything in your browser. start and stop actions. change and develop robots. administrate users and accounts.

100% customizable

from ready to run robots down to developing your own ones BOT can spare you a lot of time

run robots

simply copy ready to run robots onto your appliance and BOT can run them immediately.

develop robots

a comprehensive programming language allows you to do a lot of stuff regarding websites, scraping and storing data. 

backup included

we know that your data may be business critical. So we included a daily backup for each BOT.

BOT Trainings

Trainings are done by our developers. This makes shure you get a first class knowledge transfer.

Introduction 1/2 day


Learn how to use robots, create actions, collect results. See everything you need to manage your BOT appliance.


No prerequisites. You only should be fluid in using your web browser.


You get a comprehensive introduction into using your appliance.

DevBase 1 day


Get the knowledge to develop your own robots. Learn about BOT internal structures, how everything works, simple commands up to collecting data, loops and saving to database.


Basic knowledge of at least one programming language is needed. Website inspecting should be not a problem for you.


You understand how BOT works internally and will be able to create your own simple robots. 

Development 2 days


Content of DevBase Course plus a complete walkthrough through any of the BOT commands. In addition we will have a look at error handling and inspecting logfiles.


Basic knowledge of at least one programming language is needed. Website inspecting should be not a problem for you.


After some doing  you will be an expert in creating your own robots.


We are striving to be super competitive. There will be a comparison on our blog in a short timeframe. As we are targeting businesses here, all prices don't include VAT.

BOT Appliances

Price is simply based on the power of the machines. No differences in software. No limitations. As all robots run sequentaly, the daily hours and disk space  are the only limits that are imposed. You can start with the smallest one and upgrade at any time. There is no setup fee and you can stop using your appliance at each end of the month.

Appliance Size S

Technical Data

2 X86 64bit Cores
2GB Memory
20GB NVMe Diskspace
200Mbps Bandwith

Price per month


Appliance Size M

Technical Data

3 X86 64bit Cores
4GB Memory
40GB NVMe Diskspace
300Mbps Bandwith

Price per month


Appliance Size L

Technical Data

4 X86 64bit Cores
8GB Memory
80GB NVMe Diskspace
120Mbps Bandwith

Price per month



We always like to visit our customers in their offices, shaking hands and learn about their business. If our customer is more than 50km away from us (our german office is based in Bensheim near Frankfurt) travel expenses will have to be added to the follwoing prices. We impose a limit of four attendants for each course. More people will make it impossible to keep the time schedule.

Introduction Course

1/2 day



DevBase Course

1 day



Development Course

2 days




Of course we are open for fixed price projects. Dont hesitate to ask.

Custom robot development

Price / hour


Service calls (phone or Skype)

Price / hour applied in units of quarter hours


Travel expenses

passed on costs



development of BOT started several years ago and ran through several technical transformations so far. After serving hundreds of customers with the actual solution we decided to open BOT itself to the public.

Roland Schopp

Owner & Developer

Seasoned developer with a strong business background. Since 1999 running his own company Arachno GmbH, serving hundreds of customers, consulting big and small companies (preferably small, innovative ones) and always runnnig on the edge of technology. Innovation and Automation are his business. Family and music are his private joys.

Dmitry Krovchuk

Junior Developer

Dmitry started 2017 to work on BOT. In this time he gained a lot of experience in everything around web techniques, browsers, html, css, xpath and so on. He's located in Belarus and is working fully remote. Workwise he loves developing new, interesting robots with new features  for customers. in private he loves travelling around the world together with his beloved dog.

Carlos Ramirez

Backend Specialist

Carlos is working since 2016 on BOT. He is a great backend developer. He started the idea of making BOT public and drew the architecture for delivering the virtual appliances on demand. If he's working he enjoys digging deep into new APIs and constructing his own ones. In his spare time he is running a lot of miles in several half-marathons per year. He's located in spain and is working fully remote too.

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